Strategic Advice

The call for tenders is the culmination of a long acquisition process. The supplier can not be satisfied with the only watch of the calls for tenders. It is therefore important to gather strategic information upstream and downstream of the process to better position oneself in this important market.

Our team has the expertise to assess sector and geographic potential to help your organization develop an effective business strategy tailored to the specific capabilities and skills of your company.

Marketing Studies

Strategy Contact has developed a particular expertise, even unique in the analysis of public markets. We carry out targeted studies to help you identify the best government prospects. These studies are the basis of the development of an effective strategy for winning public contracts.

Exploiting targeted government contacts can help suppliers position themselves in the invitation market. These are contracts whose value is below the thresholds defined in interprovincial trade liberalization agreements. In this context, Strategy Contact’s potential analysis will identify the organizations that offer the best business opportunities in your industry. This analysis goes beyond the simple list of buyers and can integrate end-users of goods and services into public and parapublic organizations.

A la Carte Services

We offer à la carte services to meet the specific needs of principals looking for suppliers and suppliers with special needs including markets outside Quebec and abroad.